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Music Tours

Music Tours


For any musician or choir-member, the chance to perform overseas is a treasured experience.

Our music department has a great deal of experience in arranging tours to suit your musical style and repertoire and we are confident that we can put together something very special for you.

Our musical consultant, John Brennan has been arranging tours for over 21 years so he has extensive experience and overcome most difficulties encountered by a musical group on tour!

All types of tour can be arranged, whether you want to play in a festival, work with a local choir or perform at host schools/universities & city venues.


Concert touring is an unforgettable experience for instrumental ensembles, and we can assist you every step of the way. We understand that moving people and instruments around the world can be complex, but we work hard to make it as smooth and effortless as we can.


Living With The Lions understand that the needs of choirs can be very different from that of travelling orchestras and as such we can advise you on where you will find a performing experience that truly suits the style and repertoire of your choir.


We can arrange tours to any destination.

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Once agreed, prices are guaranteed and we eliminate all exchange rate risk. Only airline prices (over 12 months away) or taxes may vary.

You can relax in the knowledge that your tour is in the hands of experienced staff who meticulously ensure that all elements of the tour run smoothly. Safety checks are carried out on all suppliers and assistance given with risk assessment.

Living With The Lions Sports Travel is fully ATOL bonded ensuring that all our air holiday packages are protected by the Civil Aviation Authority. ATOL protects you from losing your money or being stranded abroad.

We spend a great deal of time and effort selecting good quality suppliers to ensure your tour surpasses expectation. We do not cut corners and work closely with our ground agents all over the world to ensure that you are fully supported at all stages of the tour.

Your own Living With The Lions contact handles all aspects of your tour – initial meetings, quotations, presentations, operations and on-tour support. As a small team we can make quick decisions and pride ourselves on providing a fast & personalised response any queries you may have. We are willing to do things differently if you prefer and are happy to consider any new ideas.

Each of our team members has gained valuable experience at respected companies. Joanna at Gullivers for 8 years, Carrie with Bundu Bashers in South Africa for 10 years and then Edwin Doran for 3 yrs and John has been organising music tours overseas for the last 22 years. As a keen sportsman himself, our MD Patrick Arnold is actively involved in the schools department and loves to get involved at all levels of organisation and implementation.

Over the years we have built up long lasting relationships with our hosts and ground agents overseas. Their ability to arrange access to top class venues and meet ex-internationals, arrange competitive fixtures, organise musical concerts and provide the all-important local knowledge, makes them invaluable to the touring process. Their support, when faced with the unexpected, also gives you peace of mind knowing that you will be well looked after throughout the tour.

With each tour that we create, new ideas and experiences are added. We can include anything you like – from a basic weekend away through to elephant polo in front of the Taj Mahal. The service you receive from Living With The Lions is bespoke and tailored to your team. You chose your own tour merchandise, sightseeing experiences, music repertoire and standard of opponent. We ensure it all gels together and that every detail has been thought through.


Do not hesitate to give us a call. Our expert team are happy to assist you.