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Asia is the largest and most populated continent in the world made up of 48 countries including India, Sri Lanka, China, Hong Kong, Singapore & Malaysia. Very few places in the world conjure up such colourful and breathtaking images & the continent responds to every taste and provides the warmest of welcomes. Travelling to Asia was once only an option for the rich; today it is available to everyone. There are a number of competitive airfares from the UK and a wide range of accommodation in places like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and more.

These destinations offer a variety of scenery, cultures and cuisine.From ancient rural villages in India to the sky scrapers of Tokyo, Asia offers plenty of contrast. The continent is a spiritual place with followers of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam, so you will see many shrines and temples for meditation and prayer.

With their year round warm weather and sheer diversity the Asian nations offer a varied tour crammed with good competitive sport and excellent facilities. Most sports played in the UK are possible in Asia and countries such as Sri Lanka, India and Malaysia are particularly popular for cricket, hockey & netball as well as football and rugby.

In Malaysia hockey, netball & football are available at all levels pretty much all year round. Cricket & rugby too are possibilities but are slightly more limited with regard to age groups and abilities. Singapore & Hong Kong can also offer competitive fixtures in most of the main sports throughout the year and provide perfect stop off points for training or a fixture on the way to/from Australia and New Zealand.

For sightseeing, Singapore offers an exciting blend of new and old, with towering skyscrapers nestling alongside quaint colonial monuments. It is a wonderful place to spend a few days and soak up the culture. You can discover Hong Kong for its Buddhist temples, fascinating museums and botanical gardens. Malaysia offers magnificent views from Mount Kinabalu or trekking through the lush scenery of the mangrove forests.