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Time and time again when teams return from touring overseas, it becomes apparent that the experiences shared and the relationships formed in a few short weeks bind the individuals together, form the heart of the side and the resulting team becomes stronger as a whole than its constituent parts.

At Living With The Lions we are a small enthusiastic team, from different sporting, musical & professional backgrounds, and all bring something unique to the department. We have all toured ourselves and genuinely enjoy creating new itineraries and experiences to suit the requirements of those that choose to travel with us.

We have organised and led tours, both in the UK and overseas and understand the crucial elements that make up a successful tour – well-matched and challenging sports fixtures, attention to detail, quality accommodation and travel – and above all safety for all those travelling.

We believe in developing a personal relationship with the tour organiser through regular communication, quick response times, face to face visits & assistance with presentations, fundraising and support for your touring party.

We are really pleased that you are considering Living With The Lions for your next tour and hope to work with you in the future.