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Cook Islands


New Zealand



The ultimate in touring, Australasia has it all. Great climate, suburb sightseeing and top quality, competitive sport.

As a destination, Australia is iconic and whether you opt for the traditional East coast tour from Sydney to Cairns via Brisbane, or decide to venture further afield to the Northern Territories or Western Australia, the greeting will be friendly, the hospitality second to none and the sporting rivalry intense.

Perceived as Australia’s more gentle neighbour, New Zealand more than makes up for its size in the sheer strength of its sport – particularly rugby. As a destination it is breathtakingly beautiful and no tour should be complete without including the sheer majesty of the South Island with its milky blue lakes, snow capped mountains and adrenaline highs provided by the many activities on offer. Culturally, the North Island should not be missed – with its rich Maori heritage and interesting geography in the thermal parks with their spouting geysers and bubbling mud pools. New Zealand is a magical place and lingers long in any traveller’s memory.

When travelling as far as Australia or New Zealand, many tours opt to stopover in the South Pacific; particularly on a rugby tour.

Fiji, the Cook Islands, Samoa and Tonga all offer options with a final fixture as well as paradise beaches with white sand, palm trees and crystal clear waters.

A tour from Australia can also include a stop in the Far East with a game in Singapore or Hong Kong amongst others.